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Paper: Heuristic algorithms for surveyor standby location planning with multiple plans
Authors: Rawee Suwandechochai, Wasin Padungwech

Paper :Contributions to driver fatigue detection based on eye-tracking
Authors: Ana-Maria Baiasu, Catalin Dumitrescu

Paper : Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model for Polar Seas Ice Prediction
Author: Safak Kayikci

Paper: Student Experience and Expectation with E-Learning Modality in Times of Pandemic
Authors: Maria do Socorro Ferreira Ramos and Otavio Paulino Lavo

Paper: Existence results for boundary value problem of nonlinear fractional differential equations.
Author: Noureddine Bouteraa

Paper: First steps toward a simple but efficient model-free control synthesis for variable-speed wind turbines
Authors: F. Lafont, J-F Balmat, C. Join, M. Fliess

Paper: On location-based services build on the close spatial position of mobile devices
Author: Dmitry Namiot

Paper: Stress Classification Using K-means Clustering and Heart Rate Variability from Electrocardiogram
Authors: Mingu Kang, Siho Shin, Jaehyo Jung, and Youn Tae Kim

Paper: Comparative Study between the Electrical Generators Used in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Authors: Mohamed I. Mosaad

Paper: Development of BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept applied to projects of Substations Integrated with the Geographic Intelligence System (GIS)
Authors: Diogo Martins, Ana Marotti, Alexandre Cardoso, Edgard Lamounier, Gerson Flavio M. de Lima, Andre Luis de Araujo, Claudio Guttler, Ricardo de Oliveira Rocha, Claudia Bartholomeu

Paper: Analysis of Properties of Microstrip Antenna with Altered Ground Plane
Author: Otavio Paulino Lavor

Paper: Developing the Noise Music Trend in Digital Edugaming
Author: Ieva Gintere

Title: Modeling the Effect of Global Warming on the Sustainable Groundwater Management: A Case Study in Bangladesh
Authors: Md. Anarul Islam and Md. Haider Ali Biswas

Paper: Modeling the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Marine Plankton
Authors: Sajib Mandal, Md. Sirajul Islam and Md. Haider Ali Biswas

Paper: Optimal conditioning circuit for piezo-electric harvesting
Author: Andres Garcia

Paper: Connection setup and traffic aggregation in IP-based Elastic Optical Networks (EON)
Author: Wajdi Halabi

Paper: Arrhythmia Detection Algorithm using GoogLeNet and Generative Adversarial Network with Lifelog Signals
Authors: Siho Shin, Jaehyo Jung, Mingu Kang and Youn Tae Kim

Paper: Comparison of Discrete Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform with Reduced Number of Multiplication and Addition Operations
Authors: Bimal Pal and Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee

Paper: Experimental Measurements of a Low Power CMOS Analog MPPT Power Conditioning Circuit for Energy Harvesting Applications
Authors: Francarl Galea, Owen Casha, Ivan Grech, Edward Gatt and Joseph Micallef

Paper: Model analysis and simulation on impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the economy: a case study of Thailand's GDP and its lockdown measures
Authors: Chontita Rattanakul and Yongwimon Lenbury

Paper: Neural Network Model for Heart Disease Diagnosis
Author: Seda Postalcioglu

Paper: A Systematic Literature Review on Meta-heuristic Optimization Techniques in WSN
Authors: Omar Gouda, Ali Bou Nassif, Manar Abu Talib, Qassim Nasir

Paper: Classifications of breast cancer diagnosis using machine learning
Authors: Hajra Naveed Iqbal, Ali Bou Nassif, Ismail Shahin

Paper: PID Controller Gains Tuning Using Metaheuristic Optimization Techniques
Authors: Abdallah Y.I Abushawish, Mohammed Moayad Hamadeh, Ali Bou Nassif

Paper:Direct Cum Video Ophthalmoscopic System with Digital Image Processing Techniques
Author: Abhinav V.Deshpande

Paper: ? Graduate Admission Prediction Using Machine Learning
Authors: Sara Aljasmi, Ali Bou Nassif, Ismail Shahin, Ashraf Elnagar

Paper: Regression Analysis of Solar Flares: A Multilayer Perceptron Approach with Feature Selection Techniques
Authors: Mohamad Tamer Rabie, Ali Bou Nassif, Maha AlaaEddin

Paper: Metaheuristic Techniques in Optimizing Traffic Control Lights: A Systematic Review
Authors: Israa Abu-Shawish, Sara Ghunaim, Ali Bou Nassif, Mohammad Azzeh

Paper: Death/Recovery Prediction for Covid-19 Patients using Machine Learning
Authors: Omar Mohamed Atef, Ali Bou Nassif, Manar AbuTalib, Qassim Nassir

Paper: Weak form market efficiency: A case study of Asia-Pacific markets
Authors: Nattawut Phanrattinon, Yongwimon Lenbury, Masnita Misiran, Nattakorn Phewchean

Paper: Alternative methods to derive the Black-Scholes-Merton equation
Authors: Nattakorn Phewchean, Renato Costa, Masnita Misiran, Yongwimon Lenbury

Paper: Towards a Dynamic Computer Based Scaffolding Framework for Adaptive Learning
Authors: Panayotis Papazoglou, Sarantos Psycharis, Konstantinos Kalovrektis

Paper: A simple model of government rescue package in response to the COVID-19 and bank performance
Authors: Jyh-Horng Lin, Pei-Chi Lii, Fu-Wei Huang, and Shi Chen

Paper: Model for 1/f noise in graphene and in more common semiconductors
Author: Paolo Marconcini

Paper: Circuit Theory Analysis of Parity-Time-symmetric Wireless Power Transfer System
Authors: Yu Jin, Wangqiang Niu, Wei Gu

Paper: A Note on the Cumulative and the Accumulated Hazard Function
Authors: Dejan Skanata

Paper: Prediction of Graft Dysfunction in Pediatric Liver
Transplantation by Logistic Regression
Authors: Krasimira Prodanova and Yordanka Uzunova

Paper: Point Forces and Their Alternatives in Cell-Based Models for Skin Contraction in Two Dimensions
Authors: Qiyao Peng, Fred Vermolen

Paper: From QFT to 2-d Supersymetric TQT:Mirror symmetry between Math and Physic
Author: Durand Philipe,

Paper: Handling Mission Critical Calls at the Network Edge
Authors: Ivaylo Atanasov, Evelina Pencheva, Aleksandar Nametkov

Paper: Blockchain Based Biometric Election System
Authors: Ketevan Tsomaia, Archil Prangishvili, Levan Imnaishvili, Maguli Bedineishvili

Paper: Comprehensive temperature control of a hot metal rolling thickness measurement system
Authors: Sergey Dvoynishnikov, Vitaly Rakhmanov, Vladimir Pavlov, Stanislav Krotov

Authors: Giuseppe Giordano, Serena Mottola, Beatrice Paternoster

Paper: The Minimum Flows in Bipartite Dynamic Networks. The Static Approach
Authors: Camelia Schiopu, Eleonor Ciurea

Paper: Logo Based Amphetamines Classification using  SURF and Bag-of-features model
Authors: Tharaphon Nitijiramon

Paper: Aircraft Segmentation from Remote Sensing Images using Modified Deeply Supervised Salient Object Detection with Short Connections
Authors: Natnicha Meeboonmak, Nagul Cooharojananone

Paper: On approximations of the sixth order with the smooth polynomial and non-polynomial splines
Authors: Irina Burova

Paper: On Adaptive splines
Author: Yuri Dem'yanovich 

Paper: Prediction of Graft Dysfunction in Pediatric Liver
Transplantation by Logistic Regression
Authors: Krasimira Prodanova and Yordanka Uzunova

Paper: Prediction of Graft Dysfunction in Pediatric Liver
Transplantation by Logistic Regression
Authors: Krasimira Prodanova and Yordanka Uzunova

Paper: Singly diagonally implicit multivalue collocation methods
Authors: Dajana Conte, Raffaele D'Ambrosio, Maria Pia D'Arienzo, Beatrice Paternoster

Paper: Aircraft Detection from Remote Sensing Images using Single Shot Scale-invariant Face Detector with Viridis Saliency Map
Authors: Teepakorn Lilek, Nagul Cooharojananone

Paper: Phoneme recognition based on principal component analysis
Author: Xiaodong Zhuang

Paper: Improved combined-dictionary method of the judgment of voiced and unvoiced sound
Author: Xiaodong Zhuang

Paper: Fast Doubling Algorithm for the Solution of the Riccati Equation
Using Cyclic Reduction Method
Authors: Nicholas Assimakis, Maria Adam

Paper: Comprehensive temperature control of a hot metal rolling thickness measurement system
Authors: Sergey Dvoynishnikov, Vitaly Rakhmanov, Vladimir Pavlov, Stanislav Krotov

Paper: A conceptual framework for adaptive security
Authors: Emmanouil Mavrofidis, Achilles D. Kameas

Paper: Deduplication algorithms and models for efficient data storage
Authors: Laura Conde-Canencia, Belaid Hamoum

Paper: Revising Security Protocols against Network Attacks based on Event-B
Authors: Junxiang Zhu , Xiang Zhang

Paper: "Determination of the Pharmaceutical Treatment-Dosage for Cancer Patients Using Non-Linear Optimal Control Techniques"
Authors: Iason Mavromatakis, Sotirios Liliopoulos, George Stavrakakis

Paper: Unbiased FIR Filtering of Uncertain Systems with Randomly Binary-Delayed and Missing Data.
Authors: Karen Uribe -Murcia and Yuriy S. Shmaliy.

Paper: Recursive Algorithms for Visual Target Tracking Under Colored Measurement Noise
Authors: Eli Pale Ramon, Jorge Ortega Contreras, Jose Andrade Lucio, Shunyi Zhao, Yuriy Shmaliy

Title: Parameter Identification and Model Validation for a Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Authors: Alexandru Gabriel Gheorghe, Mihai Eugen Marin, Drago? Bodescu

Paper: GaAs Transceiver for X-band
Authors: Valeri Timoshenkov, Mikhail Bychkov, Maxim Drosdetsky, Alexander Kalyonov

Paper: A Vowel Harmony Testing Algorithm for Ancient Scripts
Author: Peter Revesz

Plenary Talk: Breakthrough Decipherment of Minoan Linear A and Cretan Hieroglyphs
Author: Peter Revesz

Paper: Non-Linear Modeling and Identification of a Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Authors: Candido Arturo Perez Gomez, Jesus Ulises Liceaga Castro, Irma Irasema Siller Alcala
Paper: Implementation of a Linear PII Position Controller in a Permanent Magnet DC Motor with Dead zone
Authors: Candido Arturo Perez Gomez, Jesus Ulises Liceaga Castro, Irma Irasema Siller Alcala

Paper: Study on “cold” model of the fluidization process of various types of biomass and its mixture with coal
Authors: Rafail Isemin, Oleg Milovanov, Dmitry Klimov, Sergey Kuzmin, Aleksandr Mikhalev, Artemiy Nebyvaev, Yuri Teplitskii, Eduard Buchilko, Anatoly Grebenkov

Paper: Analysis of a Hybrid Overlay/Semi-Passive Backscattering Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Ahmed Zakariya, Sherif Rabia, Waheed Zahra

Paper: Bayesian Bonus-Malus Premium with Poisson-Lindley Distributed Claim Frequency and Lognormal-Gamma Distributed Claim Severity in Automobile Insurance
Authors: Adisak Moumeesri, Watcharin Klongdee, and Tippatai Pongsart

Paper: The Effect of Tourim Development on Economic Growth in Taiwan: Export Growth as Mediator
Authors: Tzu-Kuang Hsu, I-Hsun Tsai

Paper: Prospective Teachers’ Development of Meta-Cognitive Functions in Solving Mathematical-Based Programming Problems with Scratch
Authors: Juhaina Awawdeh Shahbari, Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Bayaa, Otman Jaber

Paper: Three-channel Laser Diode Driver for Multimedia Laser Projectors
Authors: Svetozar Ilchev, Rumen Andreev, Zlatoliliya Ilcheva, Ekaterina Otsetova-Dudin

Paper: A Trajectory for Advancing the Meta-cognitive Sloving of Mathematics-based Programming Problems
Authors: Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Baya'a, Otman Jaber, Juhaina Awawdeh Shahbari

Paper: Teaching Theory of Probability and Statistics during the Covid-19 Emergency
Authors: Andrea Jahodova Berkova, Radek Nemec

Paper: Harm and Offense: the Conflicting Principles of Freedom of Speech
Authors: Alexandra Gouleva

Paper: Virtual Reality to Promote Real del Monte, Mexico
Authors: Yair Olvera

Paper: Innovative teaching techniques for entrepreneurship education in the era of digitalization
Authors: Inese Mavlutova, Kristaps Lesinskis, Mindaugas Liogys, Janis Hermanis

Paper: Reading-Network in Developmental Dyslexia before and after Visual Training
Authors: Tihomir Taskov and Juliana Dushanova